Nicks first collection of poetry On Call (Envoi Poets Publications) appeared in 1994 and received good critical recognition:

'a collection full of richness and variety - the poems are life-affirming and unafraid' (Ore)

'Strong and clipped verse with a striking undercurrent.' (Weyfarers)

'frank and uncompromising' (Envoi)

'an unflinching journey through some of the grim realities of everyday life - Nick Burbridge is obviously a man of great human compassion.' (A Riot of Emotions)

'On Call assembles subjective explorations of the darker, more complex sides of emotion and sexuality. Despair and loss are probed, confronted and taken apart. Footholds of hope and quietly joyful realisation are firmly established.' (Impact)

On Call (Envoi Poets Publications, 1994 ISBN 1 874161 24 0)