Cock Robin was a runner-up in the Soho Theatre's prestigious Verity Bargate Award and produced by TMT in the 1992 Brighton Festival, again supported by the local council. As with Vermin, free entrance was given to the homeless and those living in refuges.

'How often have you heard that Brighton Festival is an elitist beano with nothing for the ordinary Josephine Bloggs to leave her semi for? Playwright Nick Burbridge is determined to kill that image stone dead.
You might think that a play set in a refuge for alcoholics is more bellyache than belly laugh. And I must admit when I first heard the scenario my aching bones told me it might be more bleak than comic. Instead Cock Robin at the Pavilion Theatre is one of the funniest "kitchen shrink" plays I have seen in years. Powerful and touching with a raw but compassionate humour wheeling from farce to tragedy and back through the pathetic pantomime of the residents' lives.
The play is a triumph for him and his sometimes startling cast'. (Argus)