Scrap, about the failure of community care for disturbed and disabled young people, received a substantial South East Arts research and development grant, and was the subject of actors' and directors' workshops at the Actors Centre with Yvon Grace and the Cockpit Theatre, London. It was produced in the 1997 Brighton Festival, in collaboration with Haywards Heath College, whose students gave remarkable performances in such sensitive roles - due, in part, to intensive work with visiting director, Gareth Machin from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. Nick wrote in The Latest:

'I don't believe the community is to blame. But it has to be made aware. It isn't a right, and it conveys no dignity or freedom, to be propped-up and made to dance to the same tune, when you can't hear it. The damaged mind must be seen for what it is, what it does and what it can't do, and we must all be protected accordingly.
One of my strategies is to write for the theatre about these things. I'm lucky to have that voice. But if there's any way I can speak for those who don't, then I consider it a privilege; and it's one I mean to use, for their sake as much as mine.'