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Discography & Links

More McDermott's stuff at myspace.com/mcdermotts2hours !!!


The Enemy Within / McDermott's Two Hours [HAG CD2]

World Turned Upside Down / McDermott's Two Hours vs Levellers [HAG 006]

Claws and Wings / McDermott's Two Hours vs Levellers [HAG 008]

Disorder / McDermott’s Two Hours v Levellers [Hag 011]

McDermott’s Two Hours Live At Ferneham Hall [Private Release]

Goodbye To The Madhouse McDermott's Two Hours (Otf

Gathered Nick Burbridge and Tim Cotterell (Burbridge Arts)

A Fable From Aigge by Damien Barber & Mike Wilson on Under The Influence (DBS002)

Rosa by Grace Notes on Northern Tide (FECD209)

'Dirty Davey' [by The Levellers on Levellers, China Records WOLCD 1034, and on video Headlights White Lines Black Tar Rivers, Warner Music Vision 0630 154073]

‘Prisoner’ [by The Levellers on Make U Happy, Eagle Records]

'North and South' [by The McDermotts, on Undefeated, Fuse Records]

'Harry Brewer' [by North Sea Gas on Dark Island, Scotdisc CD1TV 689]

Links: sample reviews

The Enemy Within

[GreenManReview.com] [DirtyNelson.com]

World Turned Upside Down:

[wweek.com] [www.gaesteliste.de] [folkworld.de]

Claws and Wings

[www.netrhythms.co.uk] [folking.com] [www.folkandroots.co.uk] [www.platomania.nl] [Evening Times]


[http://netrhythms.com] [http://www.folking.com] [http://www.greenmanreview.com] [http://www.shitenonions.com] [http://www.folkandroots.co.uk]

Music Articles [Nick Burbridge]

[Claws and Wings] [Living in the Past] [Caretakers- PDF download]