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Discography & Links

More McDermott's stuff at myspace.com/mcdermotts2hours !!!


The Enemy Within / McDermott's Two Hours [HAG CD2]

World Turned Upside Down / McDermott's Two Hours vs Levellers [HAG 006]

Claws and Wings / McDermott's Two Hours vs Levellers [HAG 008]

Disorder / McDermott’s Two Hours v Levellers [Hag 011]

McDermott’s Two Hours Live At Ferneham Hall [Private Release]

Goodbye To The Madhouse McDermott's Two Hours (Otf

Gathered Nick Burbridge and Tim Cotterell (Burbridge Arts)

Resolved   Nick Burbridge and Tim Cotterell (OTF Recordings)

Anticlockwise   McDermott’s Two Hours (OTF Recordings)

Besieged   McDermott’s Two Hours vs Levellers + Oysterband (OTF Recordings) 

Old Man’s Retreat’ by Maggie Boyle on Won’t You Come Away? (WGS390CD)

‘The Old Man’s Retreat’ by Paul Downes on The Boatman’s Cure (WGS396CD)

‘Living On Thin Air’ by Ferocious Dog on From Without

‘Queen’s Dream Of Lost Fields’ by Burbridge, Piggott & Hodgson on Songhive

‘Cover Me’ by Ferocious Dog on Fake News And Propaganda 

A Fable From Aigge by Damien Barber & Mike Wilson on Under The Influence (DBS002)

Rosa by Grace Notes on Northern Tide (FECD209)

'Dirty Davey' [by The Levellers on Levellers, China Records WOLCD 1034, and on video Headlights White Lines Black Tar Rivers, Warner Music Vision 0630 154073]

‘Prisoner’ [by The Levellers on Make U Happy, Eagle Records]

'North and South' [by The McDermotts, on Undefeated, Fuse Records]

'Harry Brewer' [by North Sea Gas on Dark Island, Scotdisc CD1TV 689]

Music Articles [Nick Burbridge]

[Claws and Wings] [Living in the Past] [Caretakers- PDF download]