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All Kinds Of Disorder (Waterloo Press) is Nick Burbridge’s second collection of poetry, a pamphlet edition funded by the Arts Council Of England, complete with a five track sampler CD of readings arranged with music and effects by The Levellers’ Jon Sevink.

All Kinds Of Disorder is a collection which probes eccentric and distorted experience, full of dark humour, but constantly illuminated by compassion and attachment, and a profound aesthetic faith. The writing is subtly measured, yet as one would expect from a seasoned songwriter, driven by internal rhythms and a deep musical sense.

‘Burbridge’s work allies imagistic skill with important social subjects. A good modern poet not afraid to be poetic.’ Alan Morrison

About On Call:
‘full of richness and variety - the poems are life-affirming and unafraid' Ore
‘strong and clipped verse with a striking undercurrent’ Weyfarers
‘frank and uncompromising’ Envoi

Kayleigh Steer (27.1.94 - 4.2.05)
All Kinds Of Disorder is released to coincide with the first anniversary of this child's death, and is dedicated to her memory

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Sample audio files [as MP3] from the CD [Up In Smoke] [Dance 6]