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In All Kinds Of Disorder Nick combines talents with Jon Sevink, fiddler and composer for folk-rock band The Levellers, on a unique album of spoken word, music and effects. Poems taken from Nick’s collection of the same name (published by Waterloo Press) are embedded in Sevink’s innovative compositions and sound effects, across a range of styles, to create a unique listening experience.

The cast are genuine outsiders and subversive characters, attacking all centres of the fixed and safe, yet at the heart is a celebration of redemptive forces. While Nick, as singer/songwriter in McDermott’s Two Hours, has often collaborated with The Levellers on musical projects, and the latter band recently returned to the UK Album Chart Top 30 with Letters from The Underground, this recording represents a groundbreaking fusion of ideas, and appeals to the listening and reading public alike. A five-track sampler was released with the original poetry volume to great reviews...

In the reading of poetry to folk music Nick Burbridge may well have invented another genre! He is a superb performance poet and Jon's intricate music fits the words superbly. (folking.com)

Like a tribal incantation, these words flow in 'unstopped cadences / that summon and echo dark moments of belief' (Poetry Express)

The forthcoming CD is obviously going to be good (Folkmag)

The compromised tenderness and strange wrongness reminded me of the kind of voices conjured up by the great Patricia Highsmith; indeed I felt that had her psychopathic hero Ripley gone and lived in Sussex and joined a folk band he might have written these poems (3ammagazine)

I was reminded of the Richard Burton narration of Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, where the spoken word illuminated the printed one with arresting effect. Jon Sevink is a gifted composer and arranger and he has made this album one that you will listen to again and again. (www.spiralearth.co.uk)

Just one click on Nick Burbridge's website reveals a man driven: if you thought his compositions as leader of ranting roots rockers McDermott's Two Hours were edgy, prepare yourself for a ride, his poetry is radical and subversive. Human drama and frailty is read out with relish, along with keen observation of behaviour that celebrates the outsider and encourages the closet revolutionary in us all. Sevink's musical backcloths and interludes are sympathetic, playful even, varying as they do from avant-garde slabs of noise to rustic jiggery. One for Levellers followers with a nose for the curious, Burbridge's own footsoldiers and those wanting something different to play on their hi-fi. Not for dinner parties then. At the core of each composition sits a grain of truth, no matter how uncomfortable and, by confronting that, Nick Bubridge plays his ace in the pack. (fRoots)

Nick Burbridge is to Brighton what the Copper family are to Rottingdean (The Brighton Magazine)

one more example, if one were needed, of Burbridge's mastery of language and the power of words. (R2)

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